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Discover unique offerings focused on unravelling mythical stories to deepen the female soul.

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Upcoming Workshop: The Rebirth of Mis

The mythical Mis teaches us that madness can represent an extreme form of initiation, a trigger for profound transformation. 

This ancient story is a harrowing tale of a descent into darkness, where all illusions are shattered, and old belief systems dissolve

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Wild Daughters

Wild Daughters offers inspiration to girls and women of all ages who are searching for their own unique power and a sense of belonging to an enduring female community.

Through mythopoetic work, Maria Souza invites the readers to reflect on their lives and make rewarding choices for their souls.

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Women and Mythology Podcast

Myths hold powerful wisdom and medicine. Retrace the initiations of women's life through stories and timeless tales.

We begin the podcast with the stories from the book Women Who Run With The Wolves by Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estés.

If you need support unlocking the wisdom of each chapter, or if you want to deepen your reflection, join us for this show.

Women and Mythology Podcast is part of the Joseph Campbell Foundation MythMaker℠ Podcast Network.

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Mentorship Program

Develop your unique voice and prepare yourself to facilitate the book Women Who Run With The Wolves.

Our Private Mentoring Program is designed for women who would like to receive support while using the book Women Who Run With The Wolves in their practices and work.

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Workshops and Courses

Interactive group classes where we discuss fairy tales and mythical journeys. These are intimate spaces for personal exploration, reflection, and joining a community of women.

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About Maria Souza

Maria is a Mythologist, Author and Educator. She holds a postgraduate degree in Ecology and Spirituality, and she worked for seven years in the Amazon with indigenous people.

Maria fell in love with mythology during her studies in the UK in 2015, and since then she has begun a personal and academic exploration of the topic.

Her book, Wild Daughters, draws from mythology and time-worn tales while illuminating the challenges, dangers, beauty, and reality of the first initiations of a woman’s life. Blending ancient wisdom with contemporary culture, Souza’s writings reflect a woman searching for depth in times of superficial ornaments.

She runs a mentoring program based on Clarissa Pinkola-Estés' Women Who Run With The Wolves and is the creator and host of the Women and Mythology podcast, hosted as part of the Joseph Campbell Foundation's MythMaker℠ Podcast Network.

Connect with her and discover more about her journey on LinkedIn.

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