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Mentorship Program


Gain support in your journey as a facilitator and your work with the book Women Who Run With The Wolves

Prepare yourself to facilitate and share confidently the wisdom and knowledge from the timeless book

Women Who Run With The Wolves.

Deepen your understanding of the myths and archetypes to deliver transformative experiences and grounded knowledge.

Gain a mentor and design your own course, workshop or weave the wisdom of the book within your larger work and life.

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What Will You Gain

Understanding the theoretical features of the book Women Who Run With The Wolves by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés.

Understanding of all stories of the book and the main elements/initiations of each story.

The ability to develop an original and authentic storytelling voice and program format.

The ability to confidently guide and hold a group in conversation and reflection.

Certificate of Women Who Run With The Wolves Mentorship Program provided by Maria Souza.

A mentor who will be available and support you in your journey with myth and the book Women Who Run With The Wolves.

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Mentorship Program

In our Mentorship Program, you will work directly with Maria Souza, who has studied this material for 8 years under world-renowned scholars, mythologists and indigenous elders.

With her support as a mentor, you will explore and critically assess all chapters (including the afterword, footnotes, and bibliography) of the book Women Who Run With The Wolves. The mentee will also gain a wider understanding of supporting authors and references.

You will be guided to deepen your embodiment and understanding of the Wild Woman Archetype and track the qualities needed to hold and guide a group while working on your own qualities and personal challenges.

This is an opportunity to deepen in the universe of myth, have open discussions and conversations, and develop an insider look into the book Women Who Run With The Wolves.

Maria will share with you her experiences in the past 8 years with the book and previous groups, where she has taught these stories to over 500 women across the globe, offering powerful insights on what to pay attention to and care for when working with this material.

Mentorship Structure and Strategy

Our Mentorship Program has 12 hours of mentoring and supervision, divided into eight sessions. These sessions are private and held online according to the mentor and mentee's availability.

The Mentorship Program will use a diverse range of teaching and learning methods drawn from the following: presentations, readings, case studies, simulations, exercises and role play, independent study, research, reflective inquiry, learning journal, participatory learning methods, and personal development planning.

Detailed Structure

1st Session: Intention: Befriending your story and the basis of the work of Women Who Run With The Wolves

Explore Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés's intention with the book, her background, and her broader work. We will look at how the book is structured and how our Mentorship Program will take place. In our first session, we will also focus on developing the mentee's intention and understanding how the mentee’s personal journey can support their offerings in an authentic way.

2nd Session: Storytelling and Applied Mythology

Practice your storytelling skills. The mentee will share a story from the books, bringing her storytelling voice in. We will review some techniques, other storytelling materials, and practitioners/authors. We will discuss why Clarissa is tracing stories, the medicine and healing power of stories, and exercises to cultivate a mythic imagination.

3rd session: Group Dynamic and Facilitation Skills

Explore facilitation techniques and how to create a safe experience for participants. We will discuss group dynamics, previous group experiences, and the fundamental elements for successful facilitation. The mentee will be encouraged to start designing the experience she wants to offer and think about how to bring her authentic self to her facilitation.

4th session: Communication Tools, Mentee’s Design, and Internal Strength

This session is an opportunity to discuss marketing strategies and ways to communicate this work to the mentee’s target audience. We will explore branding, design, language, social media, and supportive platforms. We will also look into what is blocking the mentee from showcasing their work and what are internal structures one needs to nourish within to be able to move forward with their offerings.

5th Session: Book Chapters and Symbolic Language

Review in close detail the wisdom of each chapter of the book. The mentee will answer questions about the chapters and practice her understanding of each story. This is also an opportunity to practice being questioned and rethinking what we know. In this session, we will also discuss how to use and research symbols in a way that illuminates the wisdom of the book.

6th Session: Wild Woman Archetype, Stories, and Symbols

Begin to draw the wild woman archetype, from personal experiences to Clarissa's understanding of it. We will do a few practices that help us map who Wild Woman is, considering the fairy tales and myths the book offers us. We will look at the shadow aspects of Wild Woman and open ourselves to the 16 chapters of the book.

7th Session: Mentee's Presentation

The mentee will present a chapter/story from the book and guide a session of reflection and conversation. We will role-play the mentee as the facilitator. The mentee will receive feedback and discuss the highlights and what can be done better. For this session, the mentee can also invite others to observe and give feedback.

8th Session: Manifesting Mentee's Offering - Final session

In our final meeting, we will review the mentee's structure and the design of her group experience. Focus on intention, objectives, format, and flow. This will also be an opportunity for final questions and support the mentee in creating her session. By the end of this session, the mentee will have an offering (course, workshop, retreat) ready to be shared with the world.

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Bonus Session

After completion of the Mentorship Program, 1 extra free hour of mentoring will be given to support the mentee's journey. This session must be booked within 3 months after receiving the certificate.

Mentee Circle

After completion of the Mentorship Program, the mentee will be invited to join the mentorship circle. This is a free of charge space where all past mentees meet and can continue receiving support in the development of their work. The group meets online every 5 weeks and speaks weekly through a WhatsApp group. This is a space for studying, sharing experiences and support.

Mentee's Testimonials

"Working with Maria was absolutely incredible. This mentoring program hit me at the perfect timing in my own journey and she helped me bring it to life. Maria was so skillful in helping me hone in on my own unique voice and gifts in working with storytelling and myth. She was so professional, knowledgeable, and prepared for our every meeting in a way that was more supportive than any other rigorous professional program I've ever been in. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to deepen their work with myth, themselves, and the world."

Dagny Deutchman, visit her work at Pomegranate and Magpie

"Maria's mentoring program empowered me in a way I didn't know was possible. She has shared so much of her knowledge and held me throughout the program at every step and way. I feel excited and ready to birth and offer my own version of a workshop series, Maria has also been amazing in helping me shape and bounce ideas with me about my future offerings. The change and transformation with the knowledge she shares is visible just two sessions in. Each time after a session I leave feeling inspired and full of more wisdom with so much food for thought on how to become a compassionate facilitator and holder of space for other women. Highly recommend going on this journey with her!"

Louise Lam, visit her work at Handmade Life

"Embarking on a mentorship guided by the profound wisdom of "Women Who Run with the Wolves" has been incredibly expansive to my inner symbolic world. Maria skillfully unveils the medicinal and transformative potential of storytelling with a well-structured and heart led program. Through her guidance, I've embraced the unexplored aspects of my spirit and soul, while finding my authenticity. This mentorship has not only deepened my understanding of the book's insights but also catalyzed a personal evolution, unlocking newfound strength and self-discovery. I am immensely grateful for this empowering journey and Maria for her integrity and the embodiment of this work."

Ana Miranda, visit her work at Archetypal Psyche

"While I have personally been studying the symbolism and mythology in Women Who Run with the Wolves for the better part of the last seven years, and have been yearning to be able to facilitate this work for other women, it wasn't until my mentorship with Maria that I began to feel truly ready and empowered to do so. Maria's deep wisdom and own experience enriched the material in a way that illustrated for me how I could in turn share my own insights in an intelligent, eloquent, but most of all, compassionate way. The program was structured in a way that helped me to craft my own unique offering, and Maria was able to help me connect various aspects of Dr Estes work with other areas of my professional work (e.g. deep ecology, environmental activism, etc.) I loved being able to have dedicated one-on-one time with Maria to dig deep into this work. As a mentor, she has been so generous in her own knowledge and opened many new doors and connections for me. I feel truly grateful to have found and connected with Maria on this soulful journey and highly recommend the mentorship program to anyone who is called to do expand their healing, education, or community work for others."

Nikki Lazares, visit her work at Wild Woman Rising

"Maria designed a very structured mentoring program that allows me to create my own workshop step by step with the guidance that I needed at different key moments of the development of the program. Her presence, advice and availability gave me confidence to act. Without Maria, nothing would have been possible. It was a beautiful experience of transmission of knowledge, creativity and women sharing. It was the first time I had a mentor and I loved the experience of being professionally supported."

Rebecca Klein, visit her work at Nouk

"Maria promised to guide me on my journey as a facilitator with the book Women Who Run With The Wolves and she has definitely delivered on her promise. She passed her understanding of the myths and archetypes in a very effective, structured, supportive and inspiring way. Every week I would look forward to our mentoring sessions and finish each meeting feeling more confident in the program I was designing and more grounded in my understating of the soulful work we were doing together. Thank you Maria for this beautiful journey together and for passing on your wisdom in such a skillful and magical way."

Izabela Misiuk, visit her work at Thrive in Shanghai

"The mentoring experience with Maria was really special and powerful. Maria’s approach is very nurturing and structured at the same time, which I really love. She provides very generous content and resources so you have all her best tools to develop your own program. She also connects very deeply with your background and projects to guide you in integrating the materials with who you are in the best way possible. I started the program in love with the content, I finished it feeling confident to deliver it and to continue exploring it by myself, knowing that I can always count on her support."

Pauline Soudy, visit her work at Feiy

“I highly appreciate what Maria has done for our mentoring program. She's very responsible and has prepared systematically what's beneficial for mentees, and she devotes all her knowledge to this program. I feel confident to deliver my own wild women session and though it's my first time, I am excited and I know it is meaningful work that will benefit a lot of Chinese women. What I love best is I begin to feel comfortable with my own stories, my ability for storytelling which I practiced with Maria, and the constant support she has given me to face my predators and have the courage to do this work. I love how she cultivates the relationship between mentor and mentee. This was a precious journey and I am forever grateful.”

Lilian 宇涵, visit her work at Yishenghui Culture


Maria Souza

Mythologist, Author and Educator

Maria Souza is the author of the mythopoetic book Wild Daughters and is a member of the Joseph Campbell Foundation Myth Maker Network. She is the host of the podcast Women and Mythology, in which she shares and interprets myths and fairy tales. Maria has been delivering programs on mythology since 2016.

She has researched and studied mythology under the world-renowned mythologist Dr. Martin Shaw. She has held the Women Who Run With The Wolves program for over seven years in different countries and settings.

Maria holds a postgraduate degree in Ecology and Spirituality from Schumacher College and Trinity Saint David, UK, and she completed a year-long course on Indigenous Subjects at Schumacher College. Originally from Brazil, she has worked for seven years in the Brazilian Amazon with the indigenous peoples and Conservation Units.

Private Mentorship

Program Fee

Full Program 1.950 USD, includes:
13 hours of private mentoring sessions
Digital Program Certificate
Related books and materials
Open channel on Whats App, We Chat or email for communication, support and questions.

Become a Mentee

Our Mentorship Program is subjective to Maria Souza's availability and the mentee's ability to demonstrate commitment to the material. Please apply through the contact form below or by writing to expressing your interest.


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