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Workshops and Courses

Interactive and recorded group classes where we discuss fairy tales and mythical journeys. These are intimate spaces for personal exploration, reflection, and joining a community of women.


Wolves Tribe Program

A deep exploration of the book Women Who Run With The Wolves. Gain a wide repertoire of symbols and a mythical understanding of life.

The Heroine's Journey Full Program

10 sessions course towards wholeness drawing upon cultural myths and fairy tales, ancient symbols, and goddesses.

Workshop Venus: Ancient Images of the Feminine

Unveil prehistoric depictions of femininity and its life-sustaining power for women today.

Reclaiming Eve Short Course

Reimagine the Christian creation myth in a way that empowers and supports women in their search for consciousness.

Rebirth of Mis

A Celtic tale rich with symbols that offers us ways of reconnection in times of loss, grief and chaos.

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