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Private Mythical Sessions

Reflect on your personal journey from a mythical perspective and find the stories that can hold you as you travel through life.

The journey of self-reflection is a sacred quest, a path of transformation and integration. Sometimes we feel lost and in search of perspective.

Myths and stories are a treasure trove of wisdom, offering a rich and valuable framework for contextualizing our personal journeys. They can offer valuable lessons, archetypes, and symbols that can help us make sense of our experiences and find meaning in our lives.

In our Private Mythical Sessions, clients can share their stories, challenges, and journey to find parallels to ancient myths and weave threads to stories that hold, encourage, and inspire. With each story, we unravel the mysteries of our thoughts, feelings, and actions, and awaken to the magic within.

These sessions are offered by mythologist Maria Souza who supports each woman individually to find courage, creativity, and healing through ancient tales.

Book your session

If you believe a mythical session can benefit your journey, contact Maria to inquire about schedule and complete your booking.

Private Mythical Session (60 minutes) - 85 USD

Please note that this is not a therapy session. This work is fully done based on mythology and the symbolic meaning of ancient stories. It's mythology in its oldest sense, the study of the soul's journey.

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Maria Souza is a writer, mythologist, and educator who has been delivering programs on mythology since 2016. She is the author of the book Wild Daughters and a member of the Joseph Campbell Foundation Myth Maker Network. Maria has studied under renowned mythologist Dr. Martin Shaw and holds postgraduate degrees in Ecology and Spirituality from Schumacher College as well as an Advanced Training Certificate in Applied Mythology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Currently, Maria is pursuing a postgraduate degree in Comparative Mythology.

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