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Upcoming Workshops



Upcoming Workshops: 3 final stories

When: Every 2 weeks, on Wednesday' s. Starting on June 15th.

Time: 12PM, London Time (BST)
Where: Online via Zoom

Join us to explore the final 3 stories from the book Women Who Run With The Wolves by Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estés.

About the Workshops

Every 2 weeks, we will gather online to explore the final initiations of the female soul proposed by Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estés.

You can register for all 3 sessions, or select the session you would like to explore.

During these workshops, you will listen to the stories and the interpretation, symbols and archetypes they carry. Participants will be invited to share their thoughts and reflect together on how can these myths guide our contemporary life.

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Session 1:  Story of The Women With Hair of Gold (Chapter 13)

When: Wednesday 15th of June, from 12:00 to 14:00, London Time (BST)

Where: Online via Zoom

The story of "The Women With Hair of Gold" brings us the symbology of tears, resurrection and secrets. In this session we will offer a ritual/practice for the healing of women's lineage and blood line. Explore the Membership in the Scar Clan and the transformation of wounds into scars. Join us to claim your place in the Scar Clan.


Session 2:  Story of The Handless Maiden (Chapter 14)

When: Wednesday 29th of June, from 12:00 to 14:00, London Time (BST)

Where: Online via Zoom

“The Handless Maiden” is about women's initiation into the underground forest through the rite of endurance and making something substantial out of life. It teaches women how to recover their energy, reflect on the bargain every woman make and develop resilience.

During this story we will work with the archetypes of the maiden, the gardener, the king, the mage, the queen and crone and the devil. It's the complete initiation and life journey of a women.


Session 3: Story of The Wolf's Eyelash, Story as Medicine and The Deep Song. (Chapter 15 and 16)

When: Wednesday 13th of July, from 12:00 to 14:00, London Time (BST)

Where: Online via Zoom

"The Wolf's Eye Lash" is a story written in form of a poem by Dr Clarrisa Pinkola Estés. In this tale, we will explore the core and essence of her book Women Who Run With The Wolves. We will look at our soul Self and how we can keep it protected, nurtured while cultivating a healthy relationship to the wild inner feminine.


About Your Facilitator

Maria Souza

Maria Souza is a Writer, Mythologist and Educator. Maria is the author of the mythopoetic book Wild Daughters and is a member of the Joseph Campbell Foundation Myth Maker Network. She is the host of the podcast Women and Mythology in which she shares and interprets myths and fairy tales. Maria has been delevering programs on mythology since 2016.

She has researched and studied mythology under the world-renowned mythologist Dr Martin Shaw and held the program Women Who Run With The Wolves for over 6 years now in different countries and settings.

Maria holds a postgraduate degree in Ecology and Spirituality from Schumacher College and Trinity Saint David, UK and she completed a year long course on Indigenous Subjects at Schumacher College. Originally from Brazil, she has worked for 7 years in the Brazilian Amazon with the indigenous peoples and Conservation Units.

Join Our Workshops

You can join all 3 workshops, or select the ones your would like to register:


Every 2 weeks, starting on June 15th.

From 12 PM to 2PM, London Time (BST)

Online via Zoom

June 15th - The Women With Hair of Gold (Chapter 13)

June 29th - Story of The Handless Maiden (Chapter 14)

July 13th - Story of The Wolf's Eyelash, Story as Medicine and The Deep Song (Chapter 15 and 16)


Each session: 30 USD 
If registered together, bundle deal:
2 Sessions: 55 USD
3 Sessions: 75 USD

Registrations can be completed via Paypal. Just send Maria (facilitator) a short message expressing which sessions you would like to join to receive a Paypal request and complete your registration.

Maria's contact:
Instagram: @womenandmythology
What's App: +8613162375382



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